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Vita Yogurt

Vita Yogurt is the newest product of Vita Dairy which is produced to suit your taste. Vita Yogurt came out with different type of fat calories startin...

Vita Calcium

For more calcium in your body. It is enriched with natural nutritional fiber, inulin and oligofruktozë which have scientifically proven to improv...


12 Nov 2014

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04 Jul 2014

Tango with new product

Tango now has launched their newest product called Tango Rose, with the taste and smell of fresh roses. This product has entered the market right in the s...
04 Jul 2014

Tango, improve your life.

The summer has started together with the big prize game by Tango. This incredible game has started on July 1st and will continue until August 31st. The winners ...

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